How Nana Tea showed the best way to celebrate independence day

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Ghana marked 66 years of independence from British colonial rule on March 6, 2023. There was a national parade at Ho, the Volta Regional capital and several other such gatherings were witnessed across the length and breadth of the country. However, one man, Nana Tea; a social media influencer celebrated his differently and that unarguably stands out as the best moment of this year’s celebration so far.

Famed for his extraordinary works using social media to touch lives, Nana Tea decided to go the mile to put a smile on someone’s face on the day Ghana turned 66 years.

Out in the streets of Accra, Nana Tea picked a street vendor and gave him the surprise of his life. In the video shared by Nana Tea himself, he presented a paper with the message “Happy Independence Day Ghana” to the man identified as Mr Ayamga George Aetiba who sells newspapers and other petty items on the streets.

After telling the vendor that they want to celebrate him, he was given the option of picking between being given GHS200 or a day off to which he picked the latter randomly. Mr Ayamga who seemed to be a master at guessing picked the option to have Nana Tea barber his[Ayamga] hair for him instead of seeking the services of a professional barber.

Mr Ayamga George Aetiba - the street vendor who was celebrated by Nana Tea on Independence Day

Following the haircut which was expertly done by Nana Tea, the next stage of the surprise for Mr Ayamga was to choose between “Street shopping/ Bend Down” boutique or a normal boutique shopping. And as before, he rightly picked boutique shopping randomly. At Boutique Solution, Nana Tea got Mr Ayamga a blue suit that surprised him so much that he remarked “is this really mine?” according to the post by Nana Tea on Facebook.

The next was Bosphorus Restaurant and Cafe at Labone where they went to cool off their day.

According to Nana Tea, he paid the daily sales of Mr Ayamga so that he could have the day off to rest. That was how Nana Tea and Mr Ayamga had an awesome Independence Day on March 6.

He posted on Facebook, “How I spent my independence holiday. I picked someone selling on street of Accra and paid all his daily sales today so he can rest and enjoy the holiday. Mr Ayamga George Aetiba , thanks for your warm reception. After getting him a suit , he was like is this really mine?” adding sarcastically, “Pls I’m now a barber”.


Nana Tea after he appeared on the Mirror Newspaper, later saw a picture of the man, Mr Ayamga George Aetiba holding the Mirror with Nana Tea bolding placed in the front page as part of the papers he was selling that day. Overwhelmed by the manner in which the man was proud to show off the Mirror with Nana Tea on the front page, he decided to surprise him. He made a post on his Facebook wall saying he learnt the unknown man was selling around East Legon and he will look for him to let him feel part of what made him appear on the front page of the Mirror newspaper.

Nana Tea

Nana Tea, born James Annor Tetteh is a Ghanaian social media influencer who is touching lives and changing the stories of many people through the power of social media. Most of the beneficiaries of his charitable acts which are supported by his social media followers and hearts he has won through his works are people who often really needed the help they got. From paying medical bills to supporting small business owners, he has led his family of positive social media users to create and maintain positive impact in the lives of hundreds of people.

He was recently announced as one of the 50 most influential young Ghanaians by Avance Media alongside several top names such as Giovani Caleb, Doreen Avio, Kudus Mohammed, Ibrahim Mahama, Kwadwo Sheldon and Gary Al-Smith.

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