Ghanaians now paying more to bury the dead

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A report by the Graphic shows that people who seek to bury their loved ones in the national capital, Accra are paying significantly higher than a couple of years ago. The report which covered a number of cemeteries in the capital including the two most famous ones; Osu and Awudome cemeteries shows prices increased by nearly 100% at some of the burial grounds over five years.

According to the report, burial space at the Osu Cemetry now costs up to GHS4,900, up from GHS830 in 2018. The increment, according to the management of the place, the price has not moved beyond the stated figure yet despite claims on social media that people are paying thrice as much to bury at the cemetery.

“There has never been anyone who paid more than GH¢4,900. This amount is for the site, the digging and all that goes into making a proper tomb. The requirement is that a medical doctor must provide the cause of death, which you will use to obtain a death certificate at the Births and Deaths Registry for about GH¢30,” a worker said via Mirror per the Graphic.

Meanwhile, at the Awudome Cemetry, patrons have to pay between GHS1,100 and GHS2,600 depending on how they want the grave to be. The lower fee does not come with a tombstone whereas those paying more will have a tombstone erected.

Also, at the Madina Public Cemetry, the prices of graves vary depending on the client’s requirements. The standard, however, is GHS450 paid to the owners of the facility, the government through the Madina Municipal Assembly. Notably, this does not include the price of digging, unlike the two other places the Mirror team visited. At the Madina cemetery, patrons are required to pay GHS300 to workers at the place to have the digging done for them. The prices, however, may increase up to GHS2,000 depending on the specific requirements of the client.

According to the report, prices at the Gethsemane cemetery are pegged at GHS47,000 and it covers a 20-year lease of the land after which clients can decide to renew or remove the remains of their beloved ones from the facility.

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