John Kumah died from food poison – new details emerge

John Kumah - the late Deputy Finance Minister and MP for Ejisu

New details emerging about the death of the MP for Ejisu, Lawyer John Kumah has it that the Deputy Finance Minister was poisoned alongside another bigwig of the NPP. The death of the former spokesperson for the Young Patriots received massive reactions as people scupper for more details.

A new audio circulating on social media and attributed to Captain Smart of Onua FM claims the MP was poisoned through food. The audio claims that Chairman Wontumi also ate the food that was used to poison the MP. According to the audio, Chairman Wontumi didn’t react to the poison so doctors thought John Kumah was okay.

Per the audio, John Kumah went to India to seek medical attention as a result. Detailing why the lawmaker was poisoned, the audio claims the Deputy Finance Minister was rising to a level that people felt he would be unstoppable if he got there. That is the reason why they acted to end his life.

Giving examples of other incidents of poisoning within the NPP, the audio claimed another popular figure with the NPP, Appiah-Kubi was poisoned. The audio claims the poisoning was intentional and targeted to eliminate John Kumah.

John Kumah’s death was announced late afternoon on March 7, 2024. According to a report by Graphic Online, he was at his constituency, Ejisu for the Independence Day celebration. He fell ill and was taken in an ambulance and headed for Accra but while on the way his condition worsened. The report added that he was then sent to the Suhum Government Hospital where he died. His body was then transferred to the 37 Military Hospital. He was survived by a wife and six children.

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