Edem reveals the list of rappers he does not respect

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Ghanaian rapper Denning Edem Hotor, known simply as Edem or Ayigbe Edem professionally, has revealed the types of rappers he does not respect. The Ghanaian entertainer revealed this while answering questions in an interview with Chrystal K Aryee on Showbiz 360.

According to the “Over Again” hitmaker, “A good rapper should have content…style and dexterity which means they should be able to rap on different beats”. The absence of those three features in a rapper means they won’t be respected as rappers by the “Menye Wokoe” rapper.

“I don’t respect any rapper who raps on just one beat. That means you should have substance and dexterity and then you should be able to deliver on a lot of beats,” he said as quoted by 3news.

Also, he said the talk of who the best is does not matter to him though as a young artiste, it was something he thought about. He said he rather wants to consider the diverse talent in the country and acknowledge that than choose one person as the best.

“I think that my voice is powerful, I wouldn’t want to say who the best rapper is, when we were coming up, we thought that was a big deal, it’s not a big deal. When we mention just one person as the best in Ghana we are not doing the country any credit, it means there are not enough people who are actually good in the country,” he stated.

“We should have thousand and one rappers who are very good in Ghana instead of saying only one person is good because we don’t say only one good mechanic in Ghana or you yourself you just don’t want one millionaire in your family.

“Now that we are bigger and we are exposed, we will not be doing what we used to say and say this one is the best rapper. Everybody is artistic in their own way but I can mention people I like listening to,” he explained.

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