Cutting power to our neighbours is risky but Ghana first – Atta Akyea

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MP for Akim Abuakwa and Chairman of the Energy Committee of Parliament, Samuel Atta Akyea, has backed President Akufo-Addo’s order to cut power supply to Ghana’s neighbours. The President’s order is to help solve the intermittent power outages that have gripped the country this year.

Ghana exports power to four of its neighbours; Burkina Faso, Benin, Ivory Coast and Togo. But with the current situation in the country that is threatening business, the country is planning to cut supply to its neighbours.

“The president has the nation at heart. Bear in mind that for a good seven years, we have never had this challenge before; it is a record,” Atta Akyea said on 3FM. “Now we have a very short period of time, if we are not careful because of the power situation we might even change the record of seven years. Our memory as a people, we endured this more for three years. But now the few challenges are like hell for everybody,” he noted.

According to Atta Akyea, as the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, everything the president “does should be tailored to the benefit of the nation. So if it is becoming imperative that let us withhold power supply by way of export to Togo and Ivory Coast so that we retain the power for domestic use; I think it is a very sane argument to make that he is thinking about Ghana.” The former Works and Housing minister noted that the directive “might have consequences but what are the consequences to the wellbeing of the generality of Ghanaians and the bashing he might receive?”

Despite the effects the cut in supply will have on the neighbouring countries, Atta Akyea is optimistic that the attempts will not be resisted.

“I am sure nobody will fight it. It will be very sad that we are having challenges but because of money some other countries are enjoying what we are expecting.”

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