Banky W wants a thorough investigation into Mohbad’s death

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Nigerian singer cum politician Bankole Wellington, known as Banky W has waded into the ongoing troubling saga of musician Mohbad who died this month. Bank W said the singer’s death and his life before death should be thoroughly investigated to ensure clarity and the right conclusion.

According to Banky W, for the sake of the late pop musician’s family and associates, there must be thorough work by the authorities to bring out the truth about what killed him. Additionally, the treatment he got while alive which allegedly made life a living hell for him should also be examined to understand why it was so and who was behind all of it.

“The story of Mohbad’s death is a heartbreaking and sad one, it was terrible what happened to him. There have been two things on my mind, number one his death and honestly they need to conduct a proper investigation for the sake of his wife, his son, fans and associates. I heard that the governor has brought the DSS into the investigation but they should be thorough with their investigation because the world is watching,” Banky W told BBC Pidgin.

“They need to uncover the circumstances surrounding his death and find out what happened. We are all watching closely so it won’t be as though we are all jumping to conclusions, so the investigation is key to finding out the truth about what killed him.”

According to the ‘Made for You’ singer, though he has been away from music for some time, the news shocked him and he is saddened by it. He said there was no reason for Mohbad to experience hell on earth just for trying to show his talent to the world and that clarity must be found as to why it all happened.

It has been a long time since I left the music industry but seeing the way this story has unfolded the past week has been very heartbreaking. Number two the living hell he went through while he was alive because there is no reason under the sun that he had to go through that bullying and intimidation without a hiding place.”

Mohbad’s body has been exhumed by the Lago State Police as investigations into the cause of his death continue. Meanwhile, the hospital which allegedly treated him before his sudden demise has released a statement distancing themselves from the incident. A statement by the hospital’s management said the singer was brought in dead and was only confirmed by its staff as no treatment was offered. The statement added that it discovered that he had been administered injection at home by a nurse who they say is not a staff of the facility.

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