Asogli State says no to renaming of Ho Technical University after Ephraim Amu

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The Asogli State Council has vehemently expressed their opposition to the attempts to rename the Ho Technical University after Ephraim Amu. As a result, the council of elders and chiefs of the Asogli State marched to the Volta Regional Coordinating Council where they presented a petition. They also presented copies of the petition to the Municipal Chief Executive of Ho and the authorities of Ho Technical University.

Awafiaga (War Lord) of Asogli together with Togbe Adzie Lakle Howusu XII; Dufia of Ho-Ahoe, Togbe Kasa III, and Dufia of Ho-Heve, Togbe Anikpi III led the match from the Asogli Palace in Ho-Bankoe to the Regional Coordinating Council.

Addressing a news conference ahead of the protest, Tobge Howusu said the Asogli State feels disrespected by the government. He said the council was not consulted despite its role as a key stakeholder of the university.

“The Asogli State Council views the decision of the government and the Governing Council of the university to rename HTU without due consultation with the major stakeholders, including the Asogli State Council, the custodians of the land, as unfortunate, misplaced and disrespectful.”

According to the Togbe Howusu, the Ho Technical University has attained a reputation for itself and should not be tampered with. He said changing the name could create confusion among stakeholders about its identity.

“It is imperative that this progress and reputation remain undisturbed, as frequent changes in the university’s name can lead to confusion among stakeholders, including students, alumni, and the general public, regarding its identity and mission,” Togbe Howusu stated.

Also, the Council reminded the authorities of Ho Technical University to endeavour to always include the Council in decision-making as the custodians of the land on which the school sits. Adding that the Council does not understand why there is a need to rename the school.

“The Asogli State Council wishes to remind the authorities of HTU that major decisions affecting the university should be made in consultation with the relevant stakeholders to avoid conflict and unnecessary confrontation.

“We do not understand the motive behind the rush to rename HTU and cannot see any serious justification for such a move other than for political expediency.” 

The Chief Director of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council received the petition on behalf of Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, the Regional Minister.

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