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Madam Cecilia Dapaah, the former Sanitation Minister who is battling the Office of the Special Prosecutor in court has told the court she does not have any real estate business as the OSP wants the court to believe.

According to her, she sold a property but it was as a representative, not the owner. She told the court in her affidavit that the property belonged to Nana Yaa Ode, her mother(deceased) and not hers.

“That I have an undisclosed and undeclared real estate business when I have no real estate business and Applicant has not provided a scintilla of evidence that I do. That I concealed my identity by using aliases to sell the property to third parties when Applicant’s own Exhibit OSP16 shows that I rather sold the property in a representative capacity for Nana Yaa Ode. Nana Yaa Ode also known as Nana Ode Nyarko was my mother (now deceased).”

Aside from that, the embattled former minister also accused the OSP of abusing her silence on the matter and taking it as a confirmation of the decision to re-freeze her bank accounts.

Again, the Respondent has alluded to my decision to remain silent on 7th September 2023 and is seeking to on that as further justification for the confirmation of his re-seizure of the money and re-freezing of my bank accounts which he did two days prior on, 5th September 2023.”

“I am advised by Counsel and verily believe the same to be true that having exercised his administrative powers to re-seize the money and refreeze my bank accounts on 5th September 2023, the Applicant cannot justify his suspicion on the cautioned statements in Exibits OSP10 and OSP6 which were taken after reseizure and refreezing.”

Meanwhile, Cecilia Dapaah has told the court that the funds that were transferred from the account of Nana Akwasi Essan, her brother, to her account were for the payment of her brother’s children’s school fees.

“The truth is that funds were transferred from an account in the name ‘The Late Nana Akwasi Essan’ to which I am a signatory. The funds were transferred to me for payment of the school fees of my late brother’s children,” she said in the document presented to the court.

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