Why is Stephen Appiah trending on social media?

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Former Ghana and Juventus midfielder Stephen Appiah has been trending on social media since yesterday. The iconic ex-Black Stars skipper is not one known for controversy but what could be the reason for him to be on the lips of every Ghanaian these last two days? We give you details of it all.

Stephen Appiah is trending on social media due to the content of an interview he granted to a Kumasi-based radio station. Appiah expressed his frustrations at the current fortunes of the team he dearly loved.

Apart from that he also revealed things he did in the past just to support the team and how he now feels that was a wasteful venture owing to the current management of the team. With 67 appearances and 14 goals for the national team, Appiah is a legend. He has also been praised for his leadership qualities and has been credited for leading the team to its first-ever World Cup in 2006.

During the interview, Appiah said, “One thing that is painful is that some of us we are very humble. But when you know your value, you don’t want to do certain things or mingle with certain people. We all want to help because we have helped before even if it wasn’t enough”.

Then he continued, “There was a time everybody [players] had no interest in playing for Black Stars. There was a time I had to pay for players’ plane tickets to Ghana and there was a time I paid winning bonuses”.

Stephen Appiah - former Black Stars skipper

Expressing what is now like a regret, he said if the sacrifices were done just for the team to be like this then there was no point doing it in the first place. “So today if I see how things are been done, I ask myself why did I waste my money? But we hope that one day it will be well.”

Meanwhile, the former Black Stars team manager has called for more ex-players to be involved in the game. He said football should be run by footballers and not those who are fluent in grammar.

“Legends and former players are not getting the chance around football administration. I have learnt something, that football is run by footballers. It is not the grammar or English that you speak,” he told Sompa TV.

Adding, “It is about insights, that is why when I went to Italy, without speaking Italian I could understand the coach who was speaking Italian.

“I hope that one day, not me Stephen Appiah necessarily, but I hope one day; one of us will get to lead and we will all support.”

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