We’ve videos of Ato Forson begging for trial to discontinue -A-G

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In the ongoing exchanges about who tried to influence the other, the Attorney-General has revealed that Cassiel Ato Forson rather persuaded the state to drop the case. This is in sharp contrast to what the third accused, Richard Jakpa said in court on May 23.

After Richard Jakpa alleged that the Attorney-General calls him at odd hours pleading for him to implicate Cassiel Ato Forson, the A-G has rebutted, turning the heat on the NDC.

Aside from blaming for trying to divert attention from the case, the A-G claimed Ato Forson wrote multiple letters asking for plea bargaining which the A-G has since refused to accept.

“The Attorney-General has video evidence of the first accused, person, Cassiel Ato Forson, coming to meet him and to plead with him to discontinue the prosecution. This, the Attorney-General has refused to do,” part of the statement said.

Also, it said the third accused “by various letters dated 27th April 2023, 16th May 2023, 30th May 2023 and 12th June 2023, has proposed to the Republic through the Attorney-General to engage in plea bargaining or plea negotiations. This plea bargaining proposal has, to date, not been accepted by the Attorney-General.”

The Attorney-General added that the “latest allegation levelled against the Attorney-General as part of a grand scheme by the NDC to put more pressure on him to discontinue the prosecution or to divert attention from the real issues regarding the actions of the accused persons which have caused enormous financial loss to the State”.

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