Tema motorway: gov’t wants $338m for reconstruction work

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The government of Ghana is seeking $338 million in funding to reconstruct the Tema Motorway that links Accra to Tema. While addressing a press on Monday, the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Patrick Boamah explained that the scope of the work is large and could take up to three years to complete.

He said that although the main Accra – Tema Motorway is just 19.5 kilometres, the reconstruction will cover 27.7 km.

Justifying the quoted amount, Patrick Boamah said, “Somebody will say why is Accra Tema-Mortoway going to cost US$338 million without knowing the nature of work or the scope of work.

“Accra-Tema Motorway alone is 19.5 kilometres, but this project is 27.7 kilometres, so one will ask where are you getting the remainder from? The Apenkawa Interchange and the construction of the Neoplan Interchange,” he stated as first reported by 3news.

“So this is the scope of work that is going to happen so you tell from what I have told you that it is going to be a very comprehensive programme which will span a period of about 3 years or more depending on how the project goes and it is going to be a joint venture  between Maripoma Limited.”

Background of the Tema Motorway

The Accra – Tema Motorway was first opened to traffic in 1965 by the first president of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah. While the road was meant to link the harbour city to the national capital, the motorway was envisioned to be the precursor of several of its types to link major cities in the country. Since its completion in 1965, the motorway has faced significant drawbacks including the absence of streetlights.

However, the government in 2002 announced plans to fix streetlights on the motorway as part of plans to mark Ghana’s Golden Jubilee. Cable theft and other challenges caused delays in the project’s completion and though it was eventually completed, not all the traffic lights on the stretch are functional currently.

Potholes have nearly turned the massive expressway into a village path at some points and coupled with the absence of modern traffic management features, an upgrade of the motorway becomes a necessity.

Potholes on the Tema Motorway

Media campaigns in recent years to highlight the dangers on the motorway including criminal activities and pedestrian knockdowns by speeding vehicles have seen some efforts but the motorway remains largely unsafe for some road users. Accra’s rising population and the increased traffic flow between the two cities and other adjoining towns have raised discussions about redevelopment.

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