Stolen laptops: EC response is an insult to Ghanaians – NDC

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General Secretary of the NDC, Fifi Kwetey has stated that the response of the Electoral Commission to the stolen laptops is nothing but an insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians. He said the theft is a danger to Ghana’s “electoral integrity” and thus deserves a better response from the Commission.

Speaking at the Moment of Truth Series on Monday, April 15, the NDC chief scribe said the stolen items are warning that the country’s “electoral safeguards are being compromised”.

“The recent theft of critical biometric equipment under the supposed ‘secure’ watch of the Electoral Commission is not just an alarming oversight; it is a clear and present danger to our electoral integrity,” Fifi Kwetey stated.

 “This is not a trivial matter of misplaced property—it is a dire warning that our electoral safeguards are being compromised under our very noses,” he added.

According to him, it is difficult to trust the Electoral Commission given that they are failing to protect essential equipment entrusted into their care.

 “How can we place our trust in an Electoral Commission that fails to safeguard the very equipment essential to fulfilling its mandate in a transparent and accountable manner? How can we stand by while the very mechanisms meant to guarantee fair play are stolen away, possibly skewing the electoral landscape in favour of those currently clutching the reins of power?

Fifi Kwetey added that how the EC officials dismissed the stolen laptops incident is even more alarming. He said it shows that they do not appreciate the magnitude of the incident or are just playing with the intelligence of Ghanaians.

 “This is an outright assault on our rights as voters and on the democratic principles that our forebears fought tirelessly to establish. The lackadaisical attitude and dismissive responses from the EC officials in the face of such a breach are unacceptable and insult the intelligence of every Ghanaian.”

He called for swift action to address the stolen laptops issue while asking the EC to put aside excuses and face reality. Also, he said the NDC will only accept a “full restoration of total security for all EC logistical equipment for the upcoming elections”.

“We demand immediate and decisive action from the Electoral Commission. The time for excuses is over; the time for transparency, accountability, and rectification is now. Ghana is watching, and the world is watching. The integrity of our elections and the future of our democracy hang in the balance. Let us be clear: we will accept nothing less than a full restoration of total security for all EC logistical equipment for the upcoming elections, a thorough investigation, and complete accountability. Anything short of this is an affront to our nation’s future.

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