Ntankoful: One buried, another missing in police custody

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Residents of Ntankoful are still in shock at how a relative who was arrested at his home died of gun wounds. Police said he exchanged gunshots with them and was killed in the process.

Pascal Hagan, Assembly Member for the area, said as reported by 3News, “When we arrived at the mortuary in Accra, we were informed that the body of our relative had been bagged and so we should take him away. We insisted on ensuring an autopsy was performed on the body, they removed the bag and showed us gunshot wounds on his chest. We were later told that he was shot at close range. We wanted to know why a person arrested ended up being shot but the police told us we cannot show them their job”.

As if that is not enough, one of the persons who was also arrested by the police at the time has been reported missing. Ouattara was arrested with the deceased Abubakar Sadik but has since not been found as the residents suspect he has been killed by the police.

According to the Assembly Member, when they arrived at the Police Hospital in Accra to pick up Sadik’s body, they were informed that two bodies were brought by the Police from Takoradi. They were initially asked to pick the two but were later denied access to one. He said they suspect that was the body of Ouattara.

“When we arrived at the morgue in Accra, the attendant informed us that two bodies were brought in by the police from Takoradi on that day. He wanted us to take away both bodies but we were denied access by the police. We suspect that was the body of Ouattara, we think he has also been killed. I’m meeting his family members and we shall confront the police on his whereabouts because we have not had any information about him since he was arrested with Abu.”

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