Normal people would want me back with Funny Face – Vanessa

Funny Face and Vanessa holding their three children

Vanessa Nicole, the mother of the three children of comedian and actor Funny Face has taken to social media to jab all who think she should not reconcile with the actor. The mother of three and the comedian’s relationship hit the rocks years ago when the actor was suffering from mental health.

However, after his recovery, the actor who has always been fond of his partner and their children has been on the road to reuniting the small family. Vanessa has shown interest in reuniting with her man but some social media users think she is wrong to do so.

While some people think she was a contributory factor to the actor’s condition, Vanessa thinks there is no point resisting a possible reunion due to what they share together; the children.

She said, “So if you wake up and you see that me and the person you are fighting for are back together, what will you do? You will be a third person; you will just be a fool.”

Then she added, “A man with whom I have three kids. Three solid kids! There is no right-thinking person who will condemn my decision to want to reconcile with him,” Vanessa passionately expressed. “There is a difference between a man you are dating and a man you have kids with. Not just any type of kids, a set of twins and a Tawiah [their child after the twins].”

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