Man who defiled a 14-year-old, infected her with HIV remanded

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A man who allegedly defiled a 14-year-old girl and infected her with HIV and tuberculosis has been remanded in police custody. Identified as Alhassan Yakubu Kamgbala, the man was employed to work on the Gushegu town roads in the Northern Region.

According to the teenager’s family, the incident happened in January, but she was threatened by the man, not to say a word. The man told her if she reported to anyone she would die. That forced the girl to hide the incident from her family until she started feeling sick.

Awuni Tia, the father of the victim said, “There was a day the girl was having a problem and we didn’t know what the problem was because she was bleeding every day. So we got to find out that she is seriously sick so when we sent her to the hospital, they did a lot of tests and they could not find anything.”

“So we came home after a week and she got malaria again for two months. So from that we realized that she was defiled by a man called Alhassan Yakubu Kamgbala. So when we approached him, he also accepted that it was a mistake. We reported to the police station and they arrested the boy and finally, they bailed him out,” Awuni Tia told Citi News.

Awuni Tia said they are pushing for the man to be punished because for six months since he was bailed, nothing has happened. No one has said anything about it while the girl still suffers.

“After they bailed him out about six months now, no one cares, and we realized that this boy is going to cheat us because when we went to Tamale again after going through the report, first was tuberculosis second was HIV. But they put her on drugs and the stomach was the most complicated thing and they could not identify the problem,” he explained.

The accused is set to appear in court on August 24, 2023.

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