Falz: I would rather die for justice than stay silent

Folarin Falana Falz - Nigerian musician

Nigeria rapper Folarin Falana known as Falz has said he is ready to die for justice than keep quiet just to be in the good books of evildoers. The rapper who is notorious for doing controversial songs that hit deep on the evil acts of politicians said he is going to continue doing confrontational songs.

Falz was speaking on Arise TV via Skype from his current base in London. He was speaking on the topic “Music as a Socio-political Tool. He denounced the notion that he was in London for fear of the repercussions of his Yakubu song which addressed the recent elections in Nigeria.

“I knew that was going to come up when you announced that I was doing this from London. Like I said earlier on, this is not the first time, this is not the second time, this is not the third time,” he stated.

Falz - Nigeria musician

“I have released tons of records that are very confrontational. And I was on ground. I’m always on ground when I released these records. It is not to say that I’m running anywhere. Absolutely not. Everyone knows where to find me if anyone wants to find me. But I have no reason to fear anything. And I always say this when people ask me ‘How do you do these things without any fear of consequences?'”

“And this is the same answer that I always give,” he continued, adding that “the kind of life we are living already is one which we are more or less fading away already. It’s not a meaningful life, what we have in Nigeria as a country”.

According to the rapper, the worst thing that could happen is death and he is not afraid to die. He said he wants to be remembered as “someone who lived a life that was meaningful” rather than someone who was killed because of the bad decisions of others.

“What’s the worst that could happen? It’s death. I don’t fear death. I would rather go down fighting for a just cause. I would rather be remembered as someone that lived a life that was meaningful rather than someone that for example was walking down the road and got run over by a danfo [bus] because he was driving recklessly. Or, someone that got a heart disease and could not save himself because there are no hospitals capable of saving him in Nigeria,” he said as quoted by Pulse NG.

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