Afua Asantewaa: Guinness World Records disqualifies sing-a-thon attempt

Afua Asantewaa made an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest singing time by an individual

Ghanaian journalist Afua Asantewaa has seen her attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest singing time by an individual squashed. Guinness World Records made the revelation today in a post on X (former Twitter).

According to GWR, the money paid by Afua Asantewaa for priority service has also been refunded. It said they had already begun verifying the submitted evidence before she made the payment, thus the decision to refund her.

“Unfortunately Afua’s Guinness World Records attempt for the longest singing marathon was not successful, but we hope that she will make another attempt soon. We’ve seen how inspirational it has been for her fans. The evidence check had already begun before Afua requested priority service, so we refunded her payment earlier this month. We wish Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts.”

The decision means the Ghanaian has not been able to break the 12-year-old record currently held by Indian Sunil Waghmare. Afua Asantewaa started her attempt on Monday, December 24, 2023, and continued for five days, ending on Friday at 7 AM.

Her attempt lasted 5 days, 6 hours and 55 minutes, 21 hours and 55 minutes more than the current record.

Guinness World Records tweet explaining the results of Afua Asantewaa's attempt to break a GWR record

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