NDC calls for the arrest of Bryan Acheampong

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Leadership of the National Democratic Congress has called on the police to arrest the Deputy Minister of State in charge of Interior, Bryan Acheampong for his comments that the NPP will not leave office in 2024. The NDC said the police arrested Suame NDC youth organizer for comments which were not even as dangerous as Bryan’s

Bryan Acheampong on Saturday stated that the NPP will not hand over power to the NDC in 2024 and the party will continue to stay in power. He said the party will do whatever is needed to ensure it remains in power beyond 2024.

However, the NDC thinks this is below the belt and is calling on the country’s security to act swiftly as the comments could threaten the democracy of the nation.

“We urge the Ghana Police Service to act with dispatch in this matter. We recall the alacrity with which it recently apprehended and charged the Suame Constituency Youth Organiser of the NDC for expressing views that were deemed to be inciteful,” a statement signed by Fifi Kwetey said.

“No one is in any doubt that the statement of Bryan Acheampong is even more incendiary and subversive. We, therefore, expect the same level of speedy action from the Ghana Police Service,” the statement added.

According to the NDC, “Bryan Acheampong is the latest of high-ranking officials of the NPP to make such brazen statements that reveal the party’s deep-seated determination to subvert Ghana’s democratic order”.

And “As the political tradition that ushered in our nation’s stable constitutional order, the NDC will do whatever it takes to resist the misrule and machination of the oppressor and thus protect and preserve our democracy,” parts of the statement read.

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