National Ambulance Service appeals for dedicated funding

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The National Ambulance Service is in dire need of support as current trends predict a rapid degrade in service delivery. This was made known in Parliament during the considerations of budget allocation for the service.

In its plea, the service is demanding a dedicated source of funding for its operations. The appeal was re-echoed by a Ranking Member of the Health Committee Kwabena Mintah Akandoh.

Speaking on the floor of the house, the Juaboso lawmaker said the amount the government released to the service out of the allocated figure is inadequate. According to Mintah Akandoh, only about 30 per cent of the allocated amount was released to the Ambulance Service. He added that the Ambulance service has complained of having to deal with fuel price hikes and no funds for maintenance among others.

“Mr. Speaker, let me take you to paragraph 9.1.1, and with your permission, I read: the National Ambulance Service indicated to the committee that despite their vital role, they still struggle to get releases for their budgetary allocations,” Mintah Akandoh indicated.

Adding, “For example, out of the GH¢67.5 million allocated to them, they only received GH¢20.1 million. In 2022, the National Ambulance Service recorded not less than 41,000 cases; in 2023, as at the time they appeared before us, they had recorded only 27,000 cases.”

“Mr. Speaker, as I have read from the report, out of about GH¢67 million in allocation, they have received only GH¢20 million. Mr. Speaker, out of the 307 ambulances that were imported into this country in 2020, about 79 have completely broken down and are not in operation, and about 12 have been involved in accidents. All in all, about 91 of the ambulances are not in operation, and if we continue this way, four years from now, we will not have any ambulances left in the fleet.”

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