Marcus Rashford: former Ghanaian international claims he is the father of the English striker

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A former Ghanaian international Michael Boye Marquaye has revealed that he is the biological father of England and Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford. The man in a video which is trending on social media claimed to have kept the information for too and just wants to now let the world know the truth.

According to Mr Boye Marquaye, he is not saying this because he wants fame or money as he is not the kind of person who wants to ride on easy ways to get money. But for the sake of the truth and the children of the player, he is saying it so the England international will not lose his roots.

“Look, Rashy, now I am telling you I am your father, okay? This thing’s been going on for too long but I keep quiet….You can say whatever you want to say about Melanie. I respect Melanie very much and I respect the husband very much but I have to tell you the truth because if I don’t tell you the truth, in future you, your children, and your great great grandchildren they will be lost.

“So I am doing this thing not because of money….is you I want. I am getting very angry but because of you, for the sake of you and the respect I have for you, I keep my mouth shut. That is why, but I am your father…I am. You can come at any time, come to me anytime you want, my hands are open.

The people who were around in the supermarket asked for his name. He first said Rashford will tell them but later decided to mention his name as Michael Boye Marquaye, the biological father of Marcus Rashford. When asked who Rashford is, he said, “Marcus Rashford plays for Manchester United and England,” adding, “I was a prolific striker in Ghana. I am known everywhere in Ghana and everybody knows so this is no gimmicking around here. So I am the one, I am saying it to you. If you want to challenge me, come,” he told the person who asked him to confirm.

Shockingly, Mr Boye Marquaye turned down the suggestion of taking a DNA test to confirm his claim. He said Rashford cannot demand DNA from him and that he knows Rashford’s mother and that is enough to confirm his claims.

“Then another person in the background retorted, “DNA, DNA” trying to draw his attention to the possibility of him taking a DNA test to prove the truth. But in a rather shocking twist, Mr Boye-Marquaye said, “I don’t need DNA. Listen, Rashy, you cannot ask me to give you DNA. You can never tell me to give you DNA. I know your mom. I have already told them that I know your mother. Your mother is white and I am black,” he concluded.

Marcus Rashford was born in Manchester on 31 October 1997 to Melanie Maynard. He has two other brothers Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford and two sisters, Chantelle and Claire. His known father is Robert who is of Jamaican descent.

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