Man commits suicide after the lady he spent money on jilted

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A young man has committed suicide by hanging after his girlfriend who he spent money on left him for another man. The incident which occurred at Eshiem in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis has left residents of the area in shock.

Reportedly in his early 20s, the man informed his friends about the treatment by his girlfriend. He then told his friends that he wants to commit suicide but the friends did not take him seriously until his lifeless body was found later hanging on a rubber tree.

According to Nana Kofi, the spokesperson for the chief of the community who spoke to Connect FM as reported by 3news, the young man was not seen for some days and efforts to find him proved futile. A farmer later found a lifeless body hanging on a rubber tree and informed the community. The body was identified as that of the man and the police were called to retrieve the already decomposing body.

“I was home when a farmer came to inform me that he has spotted a dead body in his rubber farm. We followed him to the farm and realized the young man has committed suicide by hanging on one of the rubber trees. We informed the police and they came for the dead body which had already decomposed,” Nana Kofi told Connect FM.

Adding, “The information we have is that he has been complaining about the attitude of his girlfriend for some time now. He has been complaining to his friends that after spending on the lady, she has jilted him for another man. He has been telling his friends about his plans to commit suicide because of the lady but nobody took him seriously until his lifeless body was found hanging on the tree.” 

Armstrong Arthur, the Assemblyman for the area said the deceased was working with Wang Kang Company but had not been seen in the past five days leading to the discovery of his decomposing body.

“We are told he works with Wang Kang Company in Eshiem but for the past five days, he has been missing. All efforts to look for him have proven unsuccessful until we heard he has committed suicide by hanging in the bush.”

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