Legalize marijuana so we can make money – Don Little

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Kumawood actor Steve Atanga popularly known as Don Little has urged the government to legalize marijuana in the country. He said that singular act will open more business opportunities for many people.

According to small-sized actor, people smuggle marijuana in the country and they are the people in authority. The people in authority are the ones enjoying the proceeds from the banned substance, a situation he said has cut many out of job opportunities.

“I buy and sell, and I’m also a businessman. Any business is business. If you pimp girls, it’s a business. If you sell marijuana, it’s also a business,” he said.

Don Little added that the substance is legalized in most places outside Ghana and though the big boys in Ghana are enjoying it, they harass others who join the business.

“No, it’s not bad because if you travel, weed is legalized. In Ghana, everything is poor, and we selectively criticise. Those in authority are doing it. Nobody is catching them. But we, the ordinary person, if we do it, they will be harassing and embarrassing us.”

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