Lampard: I’ve no issues with Boehly visiting the dressing room

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Chelsea’s caretaker manager Frank Lampard has explained that club owners coming into the dressing room after matches is normal. He also added that he has no issues with Chelsea’s current co-owner Todd Boehly visiting the dressing room after matches.

Lampad’s reaction followed reports that the American billionaire went to the dressing room after the match. The Daily Telegraph reported that the owner spent some time in the dressing room addressing the players. It has been reported that the players were told they were “embarrassing”.

However, addressing the media a day before the club’s season-saving match against Real Madrid on Tuesday, Lampard said “I am comfortable with that”.

“For me, there was some criticism of our old owner about not coming and being around – and that wasn’t always true, to be fair. When an owner is very invested in the team and wants to help and improve, it’s his prerogative to have the input that they want,” he said as reported by Sky Sports.

Referencing his experience as a player, he said, “I remember, as a player, the moments of when owners came into dressing rooms. It happened first here at Chelsea and it never really happened here before. I remember being happy that you could touch them and high-five them, you could listen to them and feel them. I don’t think that’s a bad thing in terms of the identity of the club and where you want to get to.

Then the ex-midfielder added, “I have no problems with it. I have my things I want to say after the game. If an owner wants to be positive and wants to speak to the players, then it’s his part to do that.

Boehly seen talking with fans after the loss to Brighton
Boehly seen talking with fans after the loss to Brighton

Also, the manager added that it is a way to show passion and can be a regular thing as the club’s goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga revealed that Boehly comes in “every game”. He said, “As Kepa said, it can be very regular in the modern day. In fact, it shows passion. That’s what I like.”

Stressing the passion from each quarter at the club, Lampard added that “Fans show passion. I don’t think the ownership would come in and be involved at Chelsea and expect anything other than complete passion for wanting this club to do well.

“We’ve been fortunate to have been very successful for a lot of years, the last 20 years, which means you want more of it. So I don’t think anyone is schooling on that.

“Passionate owners want to make a difference and have a real vision for the club. We’re in the early stages of the process on those terms.

“When you look at processes in the Premier League, we know we’re off that, as we know. People always question everything at the beginning and in the early part of the process. We have to get our heads down with what is in front of us.

“Passion is normal, I think. I don’t find it as a problem. We can all work with passion to work in the same direction to get where we want to be.”

Frank Lampard speaks on Chelsea’s chances against Real Madrid

 On Chelsea’s performances this season, he said, “We are not where we want to be. I think broken is a bit much. League position is a reality and we are 2-0 down in this game. We have to work against that.

“I don’t think anything tomorrow will be better than winning the Champions League in my opinion because we had many moments of that run of difficulties against Barcelona and Napoli.

“But because of the moment we are in, we have to fight very hard to get through, so winning it would be special.”

The former Everton manager also spoke about the atmosphere at Stamford while adding that he has been there before and has experienced it several times. He also spoke of Real Madrid’s level of competitiveness and the expectations for the game.

“I think anything is possible in football. There is no doubt that we are competitive and we deserve to be here. The opponent is a really high-level.

“I’ve been here too many times at Stamford Bridge for a midweek Champions League knockout game to understand the atmosphere will be great.

Also, Lampard added the need for the supporters to be involved in the game, stressing their role in Chelsea securing an upset against the defending champions.

“We need to engage the fans throughout because they can help us. It’s why this two-legged competition is one of the best out there. I’m confident in that – we just need to play our part.”

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