Green Book was solid – Mahama mocks Performance Tracker

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Former President John Mahama has mocked the government’s Performance Tracker while praising the Green Book published by his government for the same purpose. The NPP shot down the projects listed in Mahama’s green book and said most were photoshopped. However, about 8 years later, the NDC flagbearer feels vindicated.

He said while the NDC did not have to retract anything from the green book because everything was factual, the NPP had to issue a statement admitting errors. The government said nearly 48 hours after the platform was launched that 67 of the entries were mistaken.

“They have come with something they call a performance tracker, and they are retracting some of the things. They say 67 were put in error, and the performance tracker has things that the district assembly should be doing, toilets. We built a toilet here, we built a toilet there.

“When we published our green book, our green book was evidence-based. And every single thing you see in the green book exists, and we have done it here in Ghana. They can go and take the green book. I challenge the media. Go and take the green book and show me one project in the green book that does not exist,” Mahama challenged.

“We didn’t have to retract anything. They found it was solid, so they came and said, oh, we went to Dubai and took pictures. University of Ghana Medical Centre. They said it’s a hospital in Dubai. We went and took the pictures and came and put them in the green book. Today, when they are sick, they go to the University of Ghana Medical Center for treatment.”

Since the launch of the Performance Tracker, many groups especially opposition political parties groups have expressed their opinions. While some accuse the government of lying about the status of some projects, others say the government has placed private projects as part of its achievements.

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