Dr Pushkin gives big Outlandish hint ahead of super January 26

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With less than two weeks to the highly anticipated Outlandish album launch, Dr Pushkin has begun teasing his followers with what to expect on the big January 26 date.

The multi-talented rapper shared a post on his Facebook page that seems to deliver some verses of his “Forgive Them” track which is number 5 on the Outlandish album track list. The track features Texas-based artist Aggie and in what looks like a behind the scene shoot of the visuals to the song, Dr Pushkin is seen with Aggie in a semi-dark room that depicts a prison.

Aggie - musician

He posted pictures of the duo on social media with short caption ‘Your grudge is a prison. Forgiveness the only escape route. What will you do? On Jan 26, “Forgive Them”’.

Forgive Them is track number 5 and was written and performed by Dr Pushkin and Aggie with production handled by Paul Azunre and Nikita Tolkachev with mixing done by Peeweezel.

Aggie (left) receiving cash from Dr Pushkin

Outlandish is Dr Pushkin’s maiden album and is set to be released on January 26. You can pre-save using the link Outlandish.

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