Chef Smith: I attempted the cook-a-thon for a better life

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Ebenezer Smith, also known as Chef Smith has in a heartbreaking revelation narrated how he started a fraudulent Guinness World Record attempt. In the exclusive interview on GHOne TV hosted by Serwaa Amihere, Chef Smith revealed that from the onset he knew it was not real but was hoping he could use the evidence to apply for it once the challenge was completed.

Chef Smith revealed that he used the reference number of Adu Sarfoa, the Ghanaian woman who embarked on a record-speaking attempt to create his reference. He said he did not tell any of his team members that the attempt was a scam and none knew about it until now.

The experienced Chef who said he had been cooking since 2008 said he decided to embark on the cook-a-thon in search of better opportunities. According to him, working as a Chef has not given him financial freedom and he struggled to even pay his children’s school fees. That he said motivated him to attempt to break the record so he could probably open doors to a better life.

Answering a question on how he felt when respected persons such as former President Mahama and his wife and a Member of Parliament supported him, he said the ball had already been kicked so he didn’t want to stop it.

Chef Smith cooked for over 800 hours to break a Guinness World Record meanwhile he was not sanctioned by GWR for the attempt.

Ebenezer Smith as he is known in private life said despite spending over 30 days cooking resulting in over 800 hours, he did not receive any sponsorship opportunities after completing the challenge. He told Serweaa Amihere that though it was a scam, he decided to announce the results after he had waited for the 12 weeks allowed for vetting.

Despite saying he was hoping to apply after breaking the record, he said he did not apply but decided to forge the certificate using the numerous samples found online.

But it seems that was not the only thing Chef Smith forged, he admitted on live TV that he also forged a supposed certificate from the International Master Chefs.

Ebenezer Smith took the opportunity to appeal to Ghanaians and everyone around the world to forgive him. He broke down in tears while kneeling on set asking for clemency from the president and vice president of Ghana; Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and former President Mahama and his wife.

When his attention was drawn to the statements by Amadia, his main sponsor and his sous-chef, he admitted that he betrayed their trust. He said though Amadia said they spent GHS300,000.00, he thinks it was more than that and he is sorry for the disappointment.

Asked whether he would like to embark on another attempt, he said if he gets the chance to embark on a real one to redeem himself and appease Ghanaians he would do but he does not expect Ghanaians to support him like they did before because he betrayed everyone.

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