Off Grid: Dr Pushkin homecoming date announced

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US-based Ghanaian rapper Dr Pushkin has announced the date for his scheduled concert in Accra next month. He also confirmed some of the artists that will be present to support the show at the national capital. Dubbed Off Grid, the event’s location is yet to be announced though a partial list of artists and the date have now been confirmed.

A day after we reported that the mind-splitting rapper was set to outdoor his Outlandish album in the country three months after its release, he announced the date for the event.

The rapper took to social media to announce the date and it fell on a Saturday and in the week of May as we earlier reported. Posting on his Facebook wall, he said, “Saturday May 13th, we turning up the temperature in Accra. The event is called “Off Grid” to emphasize our art as divergence from the mainstream stuff you are being spoon fed 😁

“We have got an amazing outlandish 😉 lineup of artists already confirmed – TeriWiizi Justin, Kwadwo Spiri, Aphee, Ataman Nikita Azunre – and we have a few more announcements up our sleeve 😉,” he revealed.

He added that attendance is free but persons who wish to attend must reserve their seats when the details are announced. “Saturday May 13 somewhere in East Legon. Attendance is free, but by RSVP only 🤝 Stay tuned for the RSVP details fam 🙏🏾“.

The flyer for Dr Pushkin's upcoming concert in Accra called Off Grid

Though we cannot immediately confirm the names of the other artists who would be confirmed later, we have been told there will be a few heavyweight inclusions.

This will be the rapper’s first concert in the country and we cannot immediately confirm if it is going to be an annual event or just a one-time show. We will keep you up-to-date with all updates regarding the concert as further details emerge.

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