Black Stars move 4 places in latest FIFA ranking

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Ghana Black Stars has moved four places up in the latest FIFA ranking for Africa while also taking the 64th spot in the global ranking. The latest movement comes in the wake of two wins in the recent FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Mali and the Central African Republic.

While the win against the Central African Republic contributed very little to the Black Stars’ positioning due to their inferior ranking to Ghana before the match, the Mali win proved a big addition. Ghana gained a total of 22.48 points to move from 16th to 12th in Africa.

The country increased its accumulated points from 1358.77 to 1381.25 in the latest ranking. That earned it a big jump in four places though the Black Stars of Ghana is still outside the top 10 spots in the continent.

With Ghana now on the verge of getting into the top 10 in Africa, the Black Stars would hope to use their next important matches in the 2025 African Cup of Nations qualifiers in September to push for a place among Africa’s top-ranked teams.

In Africa, Morocco has maintained its place at the top with Senegal in second after gaining 8.02 points while Senegal lost 1.39 points. Nigeria moved from third to fifth while Egypt took over the no.3 spot with African champions, Ivory Coast moving one spot up to take up the fourth place.

The top 10 in Africa is completed by Tunisia, Algeria, Cameroon, Mali and South Africa. Nigeria and Mali experienced the biggest drops among the top 10 in Africa, moving 8 and 6 places to drop to 38 and 50 respectively. South Africa and Tunisia saw no movements as they maintained 59th and 41st spots globally.

Meanwhile, the top 3 in the world remained unchanged with Argentina maintaining its top spot, followed by France and Belgium. England dropped one place to take 5th while Brazil moved one place to take fourth. Portugal maintained its 6th spot with the Netherlands and Spain following suit after experiencing no movements. Croatia and Italy swapped places with the Azzurri dropping to 10th.

With UEFA Euro 2024 underway and Copa America kicking off soon, the next ranking will likely see a lot of movements among the top 10 countries in the world and among European and South American countries.

Liberia, meanwhile, experienced the biggest movement in the latest ranking after moving 10 places to occupy the 142nd spot globally. The West African country gained 37.47 points during the period. A victory over Sao Tome and Principe and a draw with Namibia in World Cup qualifiers accounted for their movement.

Equatorial Guinea experienced the biggest drop after dropping 10 places to place 89 globally. A win against 125th-ranked Malawi and a defeat against the 41st-ranked Tunisia did not affect it much but two precious wins against Liberia and Namibia last year choked off after Emilio Nsue was found to be ineligible for the two matches. That decision which saw Liberia and Namibia awarded maximum points affected the respective countries’ positions in the latest ranking.

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