Anthrax: Ministry confirm one case in Upper East Region

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The Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed one anthrax case in the Upper East Region. A statement by the ministry said it confirmed the case following a laboratory analysis of results at the Veterinary Services Directorate.

In the statement, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture said it “is confirming an Anthrax case in the Upper East Region of Ghana, following the outcome of sample analysis at the laboratory of the Veterinary Services Directorate”.

“Anthrax is a disease caused by a bacteria in livestock, and is transferable from animals to humans. The current case is limited to the Binduri district in the Upper East Region, with a high possibility of spreading to other areas.”

“To forestall the spread of the disease, the Ministry is announcing the following measures for public safety:
1. restricting the movement of animals within, into and out of the Binduri district;
2. mass vaccination of animals in the affected areas;
3. ban on the consumption of animals found dead from the affected areas.”

Meanwhile, “The public is further advised to observe vigilance, purchase meat from only certified abattoirs and promptly report animal deaths to the nearest veterinary unit or health facility in the affected area”.

During the weekend, the Upper East Regional Health Directorate reported one death related to anthrax. It said one of two patients from Binduri who had eaten the meat of a dead cattle died. Four cattle died from the suspected outbreak. The regional authorities said they had identified 11 contacts of the suspects.

Also, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has provided helplines through which people can call to report cases.

a. Dr. Patrick Abakeh, Director, Veterinary Services Directorate, 0208240734
b. Mr. Rachman Adongo, District Veterinary Officer, 0245124150
c. Dr. Nii Aryeh, Regional Veterinary Officer, 0244542397, and
d. Dr. Benjamin K. Sassu, Deputy Head, National Food Safety Laboratory, 0553339667

Ministry of Food and Agriculture announce anthrax outbreak in Upper East Region

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