Illegal miners trapped in AngloGold Mines at Anwiam

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At least 300 illegal miners have been trapped in a shaft owned by Anglogold Obuasi Mines in the Ashanti Region. The incident which occurred at Anwiam has reportedly trapped the illegal miners in the shaft for about four days now.

According to a 3news report, the miners who went there on their own have been in the shaft without food or water for days now.

“We went to the AngloGold mine to work, but the place was closed down. For four days now, we are just in there. We don’t have any food or water,” one of the illegal miners who reached his family is reported to have told the family.

The report added that the miners have revealed that the owners of the shaft have refused to give them water or food despite trapping them by closing the shaft for days. “And they do not want to give us water. We are about 300. We went there on our own. The DCE must come to our aid,” the miner appealed.

“We don’t have any work, that’s why we go there to mine to take care of ourselves and our families,” the report added.

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