If Akufo-Addo can remove EC chair, Mahama can remove CJ – Atuguba

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Retired Supreme Court Justice, Justice William Atuguba has given reasons why John Mahama should be able to remove the current Chief Justice from his position if he is elected President in 2024. Justice Atuguba said it is part of the process to restore faith in the judiciary that is struggling to convince Ghanaians that it is fair and firm.

Explaining why Mahama can remove Her Ladyship Justice Gertrude Torkornoo if he is elected, Atuguba said President Akufo-Addo took out the Electoral Commission chairperson Charlotte Osei and the Auditor General Daniel Domelevo and it was okay to do the same to the Chief Justice is no sin.

“When the executive needs a reform, the President is changed. When the legislative needed reform, the Speaker was changed. When the Judiciary needs a reform, the Chief Justice needs to be changed.

“If Nana Addo could remove the Electoral Commissioner, the Auditor General and it was good, so should John Mahama be able to remove the Chief Justice. We need serious reforms in every institution including the NPP. This is one of the reasons Ghanaians want him to be President again.”

What Mahama said about the judiciary

Former President John Mahama has been critical of the judiciary system in the country. He recently called for reforms in the sector, arguing that public trust in the judiciary is at its lowest.

Addressing a conference of NDC lawyers, Mahama said, “All opinion polling and other surveys that have been done showed that the reputation of our Judiciary is at its lowest and we all know what has contributed to this.” 

“There have been low levels of credibility with the Judiciary. Our people have always felt that there is monetary influence that influences judgment in both civil and criminal case and you remember the Anas’ exposé that led to the dismissal of some judges,” he noted.

Adding, “But it has gone beyond monetary inducement. Now, it is also seen that the Judiciary is partisan and a lot of people feel that justice is not served in many cases and we bear the brunt of that. You feel that the judiciary is partisan and in many cases, some of the decisions are quite bizarre.  

“We do believe that there must be some reforms of the Judiciary in order to bolster its reputation and make it an independent institution that not only Ghanaians, but foreign investors and any person who is in the jurisdiction of Ghana can trust.

“So this must be something the Executive cannot impose on the Judiciary but the Judiciary and the Executive working together can work to improve the stature of the judiciary.

“I believe that if the image of the Judiciary is improved, it will inure to the benefit of those who work in the court, the judges and the Judicial Service workers,” he stated as per Graphic.

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