Election 2024: John Mahama counts days

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Former President John Mahama, the presidential candidate of the NDC has begun counting the days to the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. The ex-president has also in a silent reference to the military takeover in some African countries maintained that democracy is the best option for change.

Mr Mahama in a social media post on Sunday said, “Constitutional governance is still best. It allows us to peacefully change our leaders if we believe they are not working in the interest of the people!”

The former leader of the country who is hoping to succeed President Akuof-Addo in 2025 reminded voters of the number of days they have left to be able to exercise their constitutional mandate to select a new leader. “483 days to go for the verdict of the people,” Maham posted.

While Mahama is leading the NDC to the polls in 2024, the party’s biggest opposition to victory is the incumbent NPP. The governing party is yet to select a presidential candidate, the first of the two most important steps of the process to select a candidate is set for August 26, 2023. On the said date, the NPP will converge to select five candidates from the list of 10 who will compete for the right to lead the party to the elections in 2024.

Meanwhile, John Mahama in celebrating the 2023 International Youth Day pledged that “A new NDC administration will work urgently to equip” Ghanaian “youth with the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills needed for a sustainable future”. He said the party “will introduce a 24-hour economy with incentives and tax breaks for manufacturers who will run extra shifts to create more room for employment”.

Also, he said they “will work to ease the burden of taxes imposed by this NPP administration on Ghanaian businesses and investors, which has robbed Ghana of its envious position as one of Africa’s leading destinations for investment”.

Additionally, Mr Mahama said a new NDC administration “will maximise the potential of agriculture and agribusiness and provide critical social and IT infrastructure to stimulate economic growth”.

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