Alban Bagbin: the anti-LGBTQ bill will be passed

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Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has encouraged members of the Constitutional and Legal Committee to work in order to avoid sanctions. He said if he takes action, they will start saying because he does not belong to their party.

According to the Speaker, the anti-LGBTQI bill which is currently before the committee has been with them long enough and they should bring the report.

While criticising the comments of US Vice President Kamala Harris on the bill, calling for freedom for everyone. Mr Bagbin said that is undemocratic and no person has the right to dictate to others what they should do under a democratic world.

Stating his position on the bill, Mr Bagbin said, “I was so happy when I read that Pope Francis directed that no Reverend Father should celebrate[consecrate] over a gay or lesbian marriage and I said, ‘Roma locuta causa finita’ [Rome has spoken, the case is closed]. Yes, Rome has spoken and the matter is ended. So please, committee members that we have referred the bill to, we want the report. Don’t be intimidated by any person”.

Also, the speaker said just like Uganda, Ghana will pass the bill though it will not be in the same format as Uganda. The East African country’s new gay bill will hand life in prison sentence to any person identified as a homosexual in the country. Ghana’s current bill proposes at least 10 years in prison for any person who promotes the act.

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