Rema: Nigerian afrobeat star hits new heights on Billboard

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Nigerian afrobeat sensation Divine Ikubor, known as Rema has hit new grounds with his “Calm Down” remix after moving further up in the Billboard Hot 100. The song has also extended its stay on the globally famed chart.

Rema released the remix of his hit song “Calm Down” on August 25, 2022, featuring American singer Selena Gomez. The remix just like the original has hit the ground rolling and is topping charts globally. The song broke into the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 in March at number 8 before moving to No.7.

Showing that the song is not going away anytime soon, it has reached number 6 on the charts while extending its stay on the charts to 32 weeks.

The new feat by Rema makes him the second Africa to rise that high on the Billboard Hot 100 charts after Hugh Masekela peaked at number one with is “Grazing in the Grass”.

Speaking to Billboard earlier, Rema revealed that he is growing and the afrobeats genre is also breaking the boundaries. “Every day I wake up to good news. Not just good news about how well my career is going; it’s about how well my culture is flying. Afrobeats is going to the next level. This song is opening doors and bridges. Listeners want to know what more is coming from Nigeria, what more is coming from Africa. I’m so happy,” he told Billboard.

“I don’t really do remixes — most of my songs are solo or features. I wanted a female voice on the song. The song was already blowing up, so I felt like we needed someone that could take it up to the next level. From our discussions, planning, and available contacts and friendship, Selena was the best bet,” he spoke of his choice of Selena Gomez for the remix. 

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