I bought fuel 700 Cedis but they gave me petrol mixed with water – Fameye

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Ghanaian rapper, Peter Famiyeh Bozah, known by his stage name Fameye has taken to social media to solicit advice after he bought fuel from a filling station and they damaged his car by giving him fuel mixed with water.

According to the “Nothing I Get” singer, he bought the fuel for GHS700 and instead of getting what he paid for, he was given ‘more’ and that has now grounded his car.

He said, the damage to his Honda Pilot Touring 2019 Model has shortened him by GHS7000 yet the car can’t move.

He tweeted on, “So few days ago, I go buy fuel for one fuel station,700 cedis, the rest is heartbreaking They filled my tank with water mixed with petrol as I’m talking to you now my car Honda pilot touring 2019 model is spoilt. Spent 7k already still not working!!! What do I do?”

Fameye did not specify where he bought the fuel nor give the name of the station. His post has garnered reactions from social media users. Some have advised that he seeks legal action against the company.

Social Media Users Response

Fellow musician, Ayat Maqwam Salis known as Kirani Ayat responded by asking him to get professionals to handle the case. “Nana kafra. Abeg find a lawyer, an investigator and pursue legal action”.

Ebenezer Donkoh, known as NY DJ also supported that line as he asked that he should haul the station before the law courts unless they accept to pay for the damages. “You should have reported to the particular station as soon as you realized it. Best way is to sue them except they are ready to take care of the expenses in restoring your car”.

Another user, Francis Walkie has urged him to do quickly as the lawsuit could get him at least GHS200,000 as he showed him how he could easily win the case. “My guy 200 thousand Ghana cedis, law suit you dey sit top nu oo.. and trust me you will win simple. They put the evidence out themselves; this was premeditated. A well planned character defamation, pure evidentiary proof that they abuse their power”.

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